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Palmetto Machinery / Rentals, Sales, Auctions
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Palmetto Machinery / Rentals, Sales, Auctions
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In a world of continually rising prices for construction equipment and declining resale values, owning numerous pieces of equipment for various job applications is impractical and can be a heavy financial burden for your company.   >> View Rental Equipment

The high cost of maintenance and repair can take a bite out of even the most lucrative projects. In addition, the ups and downs of an uncertain construction market can make contracting an unprofitable venture if working capital is tied up in equipment that is not continually employed. For this reason, many contractors now prefer renting and leasing needed equipment instead of owning it. The smart solution to growing your business is to maximize available credit and retain working capital for growth and expansion.

Our goal is to be part of the solution in helping your business succeed. To become your one-stop rental provider, we know that:
  • Customer Loyalty = must be continually earned
  • Service = must be the best
  • Quality = must be superior
  • Prices = must be competitive
We pledge to make it our business to understand the challenges presented by each of your projects.

Let Palmetto Machinery help you solve your problems. We can:
  • Absorb the cost of owning
  • Assist you in meeting your deadlines
  • Provide expertise and knowledge of the construction industry
  • Prove how superior our service really is

12 Reasons Why To Rent:

1. Minimum Inventory
Ownership can be very expensive when equipment is idle. Combining ownership of basic equipment with rental equipment as needed will minimize idle time.
2. Right Equipment For The Job
Eliminate the hidden costs of inefficiency due to use of wrong size or type of equipment and the maintenance and repair incurred. Rental equipment ensures the right equipment for the job.
3. Warehousing
Use of rental equipment eliminates the need for large storage areas/buildings, thus, overhead in your cost of doing business is minimized.
4. Breakdowns
Virtually all equipment is subject to occasional breakdowns. However, when rented equipment breaks down idle time is minimized through replacement by the rental company and repair costs are eliminated.
5. Maintenance
Rented equipment includes full maintenance, no repair shop, no spare parts inventory, no mechanics, no added maintenance payroll or maintenance record keeping.
6. Equipment Obsolescence
Ownership of equipment involves the risk of rising wage costs and slower job completion time due to owning worn, obsolete models when new, better, faster models are available from our rental company.
7. Disposal Costs
Preparing used, obsolete equipment for resale, advertising and selling time are factors of ownership that do not occur in renting.
8. Cost Control
Knowing the true costs of owned equipment is difficult. Rented equipment offers you just one accountable cost figure, the rental invoice cost.
9. Inventory Control
The presence of continuous billing on rented equipment establishes personal accountability. Inventory loss due to pilferage is minimized.
10. Taxes/Licenses
Personal property tax and license costs are eliminated on rented equipment.
11. Conservation Of Capital
Renting construction equipment frees your capital for other potentially more profitable uses.
12. Increase In
Borrowing Capacity

Contractors who rent instead of purchase find borrowing easier with better ratio of assets to liabilities since equipment does not appear as a liability on the balance sheet. The normal line of bank credit is not disturbed, a most important asset in securing bonds for construction work.

Terms of Rental Agreement

Palmetto Machinery Trucks charge $ 100.00 for delivery and pick up from the time it leaves one destination an until the time it returns to Palmetto Machinery, LLC.

Please allow time for weight station stops, load and unloading of EQUIPMENT.

Plus all permits and fees

Rental Policy:
  1. Rental Rates are FOB location.
  2. All rates are based on 40 week and 160 hour month.
  3. Tire damage is the responsibility of the customer.
    Minimum tire damage assessment will be 50% of the actual replacement cost. Replacements must be of same brand, type, and pattern. Tire damage is NOT part of the rate.
  4. Control pattern changes will be charged to the customer if it is other than Standard (i.e. Cat to JD)$ 500.00 each
  5. Customers will be charged for damaging rental machines upon return immediately. Pictures will be emailed to the salesman within 48 hours so he can notify customer of $$$ amount of damage bill.
  6. Customers are always asked to personally inspect damaged machines.
  7. Excess hours will be charged and it is determined by dividing the monthly rate by 176 hours.
  8. Keys not returned will be charged to the customer $25.00 each.
  9. Equipment must been returned full of fuel. If not $ 4.50 per gallon will be charged to the customer.
  10. Excessively dirty machines will be charged $300.00 for clean up. Picture will be take and sent to salesman to notify customer. Customers are always asked to personally inspect excessively dirty machines.
  11. Machines returned with hours in excess of 250 will be charged $500.00 for a complete 250 hour service
  12. No machine will ship to a customer without an insurance policy in the equipment office

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